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In the 21st century, Social Media has become one of the most powerful digital marketing tools as technology continues to permeate our daily lives,
Ensure the success of your brand by fully taking advantage of all that Social Media can do to promote it. Israel365 Media’s veteran content creators are teamed with our leading experts in Social Media Marketing to provide clients with the strongest possible presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. We will work with you every step of the way to create and publish dynamic content while implementing expertly crafted social media marketing strategies to increase your company’s reach to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Your organization will flourish as your call to action spreads like wildfire to your desired audience using cutting-edge tools such as SEMRush, Adobe Creative Suite, Yoast, and more.


 Strong, time-tested Social Media strategies that can be tailored to fit the needs of any institution.

 A deep understanding of how to reach Christian and/or Israel-supporting populations on Facebook.

 Our content team is proactive in actively creating charismatic posts that engage users time and time again.

Meet Our Expert

Yoni Schwartzman

Social Media Manager

How do you help promote a company through social media on a budget?

It takes creativity and experience to run a successful ad campaign on Social Media that garners strong results while costing as little as possible per person reached. One way this is achieved is by sharing posts to relevant groups on Facebook, which is a feature that is absolutely free to use. Not only does this help to reach new audiences, it also allows us to invite users who react to your post to follow your page and thereby grow your fanbase.

Does it take an expert to run a successful social media profile?

Due to its widespread usage, many people believe that using social media to market a business is akin to posting an update to your personal account; It is not. In order to publicize a brand using these platforms, we put careful thought into what a posts’ content will be and how we will market it to the desired target audience in order for it to receive as much engagement as possible.

Explain how your most recent social media campaigns have been so wildly successful:

Recently, one of our clients desired to inspire acts of kindness and gain a larger following by running a campaign on their social media platforms. We immediately got to work creating emotionally charged video content, eye-catching graphics, and moving written content to publicize the campaign in several posts. These posts reached over 400,000 people and increased the company’s audience on social media by over 900% while inspiring the masses to do 1,000+ acts of kindness in the process!
There are several large audiences that Israel365 utilizes in order to achieve success in our ad campaigns on social media. We market to our hundreds of thousands of followers and their peers to give our clients’ posts the potential to reach over 3 million people. 

What do you do when a social media post underperforms?

I go back to the drawing board and return to the goal of the post. Then I research successful campaigns that have achieved similar goals and create new, improved content based on my findings. When a wide target audience does not engage as expected, I will often run a more focused ad campaign in order to get the attention of specific, relevant consumers.

Any protips you would like to share?

My philosophy is that without data, you are just another monkey with an opinion. To truly run a successful social media account, it is crucial to understand your audience and what they want to see. By using data on their interests, we can create the best content for the market.

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