Why should I hire you and not another agency?

Our A-Z approach
Israel focused and based.
We understand the Christian market and your values

Why should I hire you and not try this in-house?

While your team has been focused on your product, we are constantly learning, growing, and testing in a variety of digital spaces. In addition, most projects require several professionals that understand and implement high level strategy, content, design, advertising and technology. It is hard to hire 1-2 members that do all of that. We will offer a fresh perspective and approach along with a team with a wide range of relevant expertise. Our team will shape a multi-faceted approach to best position you and your business or organization.

How would you help me grow?

We will help you develop targets and areas of growth by using our digital expertise. We will develop a tailored strategic plan to grow your current customer base by leveraging the relationships that you have been cultivating while simultaneously acquiring new customers.

What if I don't know what I want?

Tag us in! Part of creating a strategic plan is identifying areas for improvement, growth and possibilities! 

Can you do the work for us and then take a percentage (affiliate)?

We have a policy of not working with affiliate models. The reason for this is that the value we bring is measured over time (LTV=Life Time Value) and not with a quick 10x ROI . With that said, we always start with a pilot with clear KPI’s we are measuring and have a list of many happy clients that have been with us for 5+ years for reference. 

Why should I trust you with my org's money?

Our track record of working with the leading companies and nonprofits in Israel: 

  • 20 million emails a month
  • Acquired over 500,000 leads and over 50,000 customer and donors
  • Campaign Clients stick with us for 5+ years on average
  • American quality and customer service with Israeli pricing 
  • More than 10 years of experience in digital marketing

Most importantly, you’ll love our team of LEADERS who are committed to your success.

What if we don't agree with your suggestions?

At the end of the day, you make the final suggestion. Our aim is to offer you grounded, data driven and market driven guidance.

How often do we have check-ins?

While check-ins vary based on the project, you can expect a weekly check-in in addition to a monthly check-in with room for additional meetings as needed.  

Will I have full access to what you create for me, and to all the numbers?

100%. You have access to all materials and data on demand.

Can you show us some examples of successful campaigns? And references?

Please schedule a call with us here and once we understand your needs, we will be happy to connect you with one of our clients.

What time zone do you work in, US or Israel?

Both. While we live in Israel, many of our clients are based in the United States. We are always available for calls around the clock.

Is it true that all Christians want to proselytize us?

Many do. It is a core value in Christianity to convince others to join the Christian faith. This is not the case for all Christians. There are 50,000 denominations in Christianity, and we work with the millions of Christians who do not come with an agenda other than connecting and blessing Israel. Israel365 Media will not partner with any organization that actively proselytize in the land of Israel.

Do you do the marketing development or just the media buying/distribution?

We do ALL of it. We are a one stop shop done with a diverse and experienced team that understands strategy, marketing, creative and advertising. See more here…..

How many subscribers do you reach? How many monthly page views?

We reach 300,000+ subscribers daily on our own lists in addition to having the ability to reach 3,000,000 through our partner lists. Israel365News has 2,000,000 monthly page views and our partner lists reach over 30,000,000 per month.

What are your demographics? And can you segment only Jews/Christians?

We have readers from over 100 countries but the vast majority (Approximately 80%) are located in North America, 50+ years old, and are faith based conservtive Evangelical Christians. We also have many Jews who we are able to reach. We can segment by gender/location/donors/Christian leadership and more. 

How much is this going to cost?

We work with clients with annual marketing budgets of $50,000 – $1,000,000. All prices depend on goals and reach. We start with a pilot to make sure that all are comfortable and confident that our partnership is a good fit. 

    1. For simple email blasts, we charge $25 cpm with a 100k minimum. 
    2. For banner ads, we charge $2 cpm with minimum of 500k
Can you introduce us to Pastor Hagee?

No. Relationships are built of mutual respect and nurturing. We will lead a strategy for a Christian leadership reachout, but we do not make one-off introductions. 

Would you want to promote this product in your store?

Please email if you would like to be placed in the Israel365 store. In general – we only add products that we will invest in their promotion.

Can I write a guest post for Israel365 News?

Sponsored articles on our sites, such as cost $750 and are subject to the approval of our editorial team. 

Why Choose Us

Acquired over 500,000 leads and over 50,000 customer and donors
Generated over 100 million pageviews and send over 20 million emails a month
Campaign Clients stick with us for 5+ years on average
American quality with Israel prices

More than 10 years of experience in digital marketing.

Most importantly, you’ll love our team of LEADERS who are committed to your success.

Raised over $5 million for Israeli charities

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