Our story

Israel365Media started when Rabbi Tuly Weisz wanted to help non-profits get their causes and products in front of Christian Zionists. Since then we’ve expanded into helping those non-profits, and many for profit companies with not just media, but an a-z marketing approach, and implementation.

Our Team of Experts

Rabbi Tuly Weisz


Robert Frohlinger


Shlomo Schreibman

Vice President

Jonathan Shyman

CTO, Head of UX/UI

Mordechai Altose

Operation Manager

Dr. Moshe Katan


Kalman Lebovitz

Marketing Director

David Sidman


 Mordi Levi

 Talia Eisen

Miriam Weinreb

 Nicole Oberman

 Chedva Haber

 Baruch Denderowicz

 Rafi Weinstein

 Baruch Zev Olenick

Why Choose Us

Acquired over 500,000 leads and over 50,000 customer and donors
Generated over 100 million pageviews and send over 20 million emails a month
Campaign Clients stick with us for 5+ years on average
American quality with Israel prices

More than 10 years of experience in digital marketing.

Most importantly, you’ll love our team of LEADERS who are committed to your success.

Raised over $5 million for Israeli charities

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