An amazing website without traffic, is like a tree that falls in the middle of a forest. It might be huge, but it doesn’t make any noise.

People are already searching for what you bring to this world, but are they able to find you? SEO and PPC is your strategy to showing up on Google on page one correctly and consistently.

Search marketing is generally your best bang for your buck, since people searching have high intent, and are ready to take action. You need to make sure you are correctly reflecting yourself, and what you can bring to your potential user through successful SEO and PPC campaigns. We can ensure they are launched, optimized, and a true success.


The deepest understanding of each platform, and the pros and cons of each.
Multiple experts who excell in different areas of search and social marketing.
Marketing syngery: These services work best when you use them together.

Meet Our Expert

Kalman Labovitz
Marketing Manager

What are the main differences between PPC and SEO? What if I only have the budget to invest in one of them?

SEO and PPC are both focused on showing up on and other search engines on the first page. PPC means paying the search engine to rank, which SEO is offering such great content, that the search engine puts your website there for free. SEO and PPC work best when done together. We like to start with PPC, as results can be instant, and SEO can take several months to see results. As we test and segment the PPC traffic, we learn more about what will, and won’t work for SEO. This is our path for the most success in each.

How can I rank for keyword ____? Can you do that? 

In the early days of Google, this was the way to approach marketing. However, things have changed, and for many years already. Instead of focusing on any specific keyword, we try to create your content around building your story on the results page of Google, and other search engines. Google wants you to be as organic as possible, and playing into that, is the best path for you and your website.

What about Facebook ads? How does that play into PPC and SEO? 

Facebook ads work very similar to PPC on Google. The one difference, which is a plus and a minus, is we are finding users, instead of them finding you. On Google, people are searching for their needs, and we show them that you offer what they want. On Facebook, we find people who we hope are going to have the issue your solve. Each needs its own strategy, and a team of professionals knows how to do each correctly.

How can you ensure I’ll get the most bang for my buck?  

The simple answer is, we invent the time needed to ensure your campaign is ready A-Z. It’s each to excel at one part of a campaign, but results will always be lackluster if we don’t look at each component of your campaign. A great ad that leads to a poor landing page, or vice versa just won’t cut it. We know this, and that’s why we do it all, a-z.

Any other parting protips to share?

Make sure you invest the time to have your funnel set up. PPC and SEO can drive so much traffic to your site. However, if your site is not optimized, all that traffic will go to waste.

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